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Client Bodega
Date May 2014

When Bodega originally opened in 2004 it was on the forefront of the craft-beer revolution, and one of the first bars in the city to have dozens of craft beers on draft. Craft drafts have now become the norm, and the owners of Bodega wanted to revamp and rebrand the bar and restaurant, highlighting what they truly are and always have been: a bar passionate about craft beer with a ever-changing and highly curated selection. OS was hired to re-imagine the new look and brand of this 10 year old bar and restaurant. The client wanted to create more focus on the beer, eliminate table service, and have a new aesthetic that fits this simplified approach.

Opal Stackhouse created a bar to reflect the new Bodega agenda. No frills, no waterfalls, no gimmicks, just a well-crafted bar for well-crafted beer. Our design references ranged from antique Hussman coolers for our fixtures, to the De Stijl movement for our graphics. Our main architectural influence was Columbus legends, White Castle and Lustron. We created enameled steel panels for the back-bar, front of the bar, and as signage. The space evokes a timeless feel. It’s not vintage, not futuristic, not modern, but hovers in it’s own unique zone. We hope that when you are having a beer you feel like you are somewhere else - like a classy airport bar (if airport bars had hand pinstriped backbars, one off cast brass handles, hand-lettered signs, and hand-milled bowling alley bar-tops.

The art is by Ohio native and Brooklyn based artist Chad Gordon. The reason why we chose him to create custom pieces for the space was two-fold. First, he created the murals for the original Bodega when it opened in 2004, so it was interesting to revisit a featured artist 10 years later. Secondly and more importantly, his art was so appropriate for the new Bodega. It’s visually simple, straight-forward, and speaks to the over-abundance of choice that is available today, which seems particularly relevant in this heavily populated craft beer/bar world. Plus, it’s people getting smashed by price tags. That is hilarious.

Designed and created: logo - signage - baltic plywood sitting tables - reclaimed bowling alley standing tables - complete back bar shelving - enameled tap box front - custom lighting - church pew seating - rest room doors - cast brass door pulls - enameled bar front - reclaimed bowling alley bar tops - Sourced all found objects, worked to execute Brooklyn based artist Chad Gordon’s art, and served as a creative consultant on all aspects of the interior.